Tse Lab

New class: EE374 Scaling Blockchains (Spring 2020)

David Tse will teach a new class, EE374 Scaling Blockchains, in Spring 2020 at Stanford.

Blockchains were invented by Nakamoto in 2008 to achieve large-scale decentralized consensus in the permissionless setting. Existing blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum have excellent security against adversarial attacks but suffer from low throughput and poor latency. The focus of this new course is to ask and answer the question: how can one design blockchains that are decentralized and secure but at the same time have scalable performance? In particular, we are interested in achieving: 1) vertical scaling with the communication, compute and storage resources of the network nodes; 2) horizontal scaling with the number of nodes; 3) energy scaling to maintain consensus power-efficiently.

More details can be found on the class website: https://ee374.stanford.edu/